The Metropolitan Water District of Southern California         

Climate Action Plan Dashboard                                                                                                                    

Metropolitan has prepared a Climate Action Plan that tracks and outlines strategies and actions aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions associated with future construction, operations and maintenance activities.

The CAP, adopted by Metropolitan Water District’s Board of Directors in May 2022, is a comprehensive roadmap that analyzes historical GHG emissions; prepares a forecast of future GHG emissions; sets a GHG reduction target for reducing emissions consistent with applicable state policies, including Senate Bill 32 and Executive Order B-55-18; and identifies a suite of specific reduction actions Metropolitan can implement to achieve the adopted target consistent with Section 15183.5 of guidelines within the California Environmental Quality Act. The CAP is a customized roadmap for making informed decisions and understanding where and how to achieve emissions reductions that conform to Metropolitan’s mission and goals in a meaningful and cost-effective manner. 

Strategies for reducing emissions include phasing out natural gas combustion at district facilities; transitioning to a zero-emissions vehicle fleet; utilizing carbon-free electricity; improving energy efficiency; increasing waste diversion to achieve zero waste; increasing water conservation and local supplies; and evaluating carbon capture and sequestration opportunities.

Please take the time to explore Metropolitan's current implementation status for its 2022 CAP. As Metropolitan implements its 2022 CAP, CAPDash will be updated periodically to reflect the most recent accomplishments and current status of each GHG reduction measure. 

*MT CO2e = the metric that measures the amount of carbon dioxide and other gases being released into the atmosphere and contributing to climate change.