South Pasadena 2020 Climate Action Plan

Please take the time to explore the City of South Pasadena's current implementation status for the 2020 Climate Action Plan. 

The Climate Action Plan builds upon the City's previous efforts through the City's Green Action Plan, focusing further on the greenhouse gas impacts that can be reailized through City action and setting the City on a pathway consistent with the Senate Bill 32 required 40% reduction in GHG emissions below 1990 levels. 

The plan focuses on the main sectors of GHG emissions in the City: Energy, Transportation, Waste and Water. Each sector has number of Plays that will be acheived through associated Moves, setting a framework for GHG emission reductions. Some of the Moves will result in a directly measureable outcome (i.e. number of trees planted), while others work collectively towards a goal that is supported by substantial evidence to reduce future GHG emissions.  As South Pasadena implements the 2020 CAP, CAPDash will be updated periodically to reflect the most recent accomplishments and current status of each GHG reduction Move.